Touch Matters


This collaborative research between Co-organizers Palindrome, Instituto Stocos and Steim, Marcello Lussana, Jonathan Reus and Oscar Palou explores various technologies from embodied sensors to the physical touch between two or more persons.

Using electrodes and digital technology, the authors have been experimenting with human touch -- the skin-to-skin contact between two or more persons -- as a controller for media. Touch is obviously something humans care deeply about; a touch can say more than words. Touch is normally an intimate experience, mainly affecting those doing the touching, and yet by turning it into light, sound, etc., it can take on new dimensions; what is hidden and small, becomes large and even public. This paper reviews some of the work that was done on Touching as a part of MetaBody, touching on philosophical, technical, artistic and therapeutic implications.

The work undertaken occurred between April and December 2015, at the Madrid IMF, at the Stocos Studio in Madrid, and then finally in the form of two "Touch Summits" in Berlin. 







with the support of the culture programme of the European Union