Who are we?

Robert Wechsler



Palindrome is a performance group,
but it is also one of those "arts organizations" with a board of directors and a membership.  You can see who these people are here.  The palindrome's artists and engineers vary from project to project. Robert Wechsler is the director.

Palindrome is not particularly active these days because of the MotionComposer project.  It takes up all our time!


The Artists and Engineers

The choreography is by Wechsler, Helena Zwiauer - who made a lot of the pieces between 1995 and 2005 - and Frey Faust from time to time. There have been others (see below).

Music composers include Pablo Palacio and Dan Hosken, whose most recent works with them include "The Oklo Phenomenon", "Talking Bodies" and "A Human Conversation".  Other musical collaborators include Erling Wold, Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Butch Rovan, Laurie Amat, Pete Dowling, Orm Finnendahl and Florian Müller.

The dancers in the group change from project to project.

The idea of applying computers to the stage grew out of a remarkable collaboration with computer engineer Frieder Weiss. Their work together between 1995 and 2006 precipitated more than 30 stage and museum pieces and earned Palindrome a reputation for dance innovation and interactive performing.

From 2005 - 2006 Palindrome created two operas: Brother/Sister with music by long-time collaborator Erling Wold and Jenseits der Schatten with music by Vladimir Tarnopolsky. Stage artist (lighting designer, photographer, actress/dancer...) Diana Wildschut played a key role in the creation of both of these operas.

Graphic artist and sound designer Babis Panagiotidis created much of the visual and acoustic components of Palindrome's work (not to mention poster design and DJ).  Lighting designers include Alex Koziara, Achim Nickel, Max Schubert and Diana Wildschut.

These days, Palindrome is taking a backseat to the MotionComposer project -- an project at Bauhaus University to apply motion tracking technology to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Still, once a year or so, Palindrome still performs.






Robert Wechsler
Dorrie Smith
Nancy Mernitt
Lissy Trachtenberg
Rosemary Camera
Angela Holt
Larry Hahn
Frey Faust
Rob McWilliams
Timothy Beal
Peggy Florin
Jennifer Hinson
Allyson Green
Bill Young
Brenda Daniels
Manuela Hüpper

Susan Blankensop
Katja Wachter
Paul Lorenger
Thomas Stuart
Frank Strobelt
Peter Winterling
Walter Fix
Dieter Franke
Ruth Derschmidt
Imma Sarries-Zgonc
Jan Vomachka
Eva Cerna
Karel Varnek
Helena Zwiauer
Brenda Marcus
Derek Clifford
Laura Warren

Jean-Christophe Simon
Cecilia Bengolea
Sabina Rupp
Janet Charleson
Caroline Eckly
Maya Galil
Lisa Schmidt
Caroline Baudovin
Cindy Gonzalez
Karo Walter
Isabella Kraus
Brit Rodemund
Maria Nische
Berit Jentzsch
Iris Tenge


Kakuti Davis
Sophatai Kanthatham
Gabriel Bienczycki
Susan Bienczycki
Pilar Murube
Martina La Ragione
Marie Kasse
Mayumi Miyake
Julia Eisele
Emily Fernandez
Mimi Joeng
Julia Boudreaux
Gökce Ogultekin
Viviana Defazio
Lisa Stokinger
Marc Vogel
Fleur Conlon
Allie Keppel
Jennie Gerdes
Lisa Stockinger
Jonathan Buckles
Serhat Kural
Yesim Coskun
Esra Yurttut
Ecem Alfan
Munibe Millet   


Brian Fergus, Rolf Groesbeck, Skip LaPlante, Erling Wold, Steve Wechsler, John Goetz, Yogo Pausch, Mio Morales, Florian Müller, Georg Huber, Rainer Marquart, Erich Kory, Steve Sheehan, Tobias Großhauser, Hannah Gröniger, Markus Friedrich, Matthias Rosenbauer, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Bruno Amstad, Reto Weber, Orm Finnendahl, Butch Rovan, Laurie Amat, Ulrich Maiss, Pete Dowling, Dan Hosken, Paul C. Koonce, Utko Yurttas, Chris Lancaster, Vladamir Tarnopolsky, Pablo Palacio, John Prescott.

Laurie Amat, Petra Nacke, Andreas Stock, Sibylle Hummel, Eva Resch, Julia Rutigliano, Reinhard Dingel, Holger Falk, Marek Kalbus, Wolfgang Jaroschka, Johannes Reichert, Mariko Wakita.

Jim Baker, Bettina Henkel, Reinhard Lorenz, Reiner Hoffman, Irene Senger/Barbara Riederer, Alex Koziara, Achim Nickel, Max Schubert, Diana Wildschut, Babis Cloud

--- if we have forgotten you.,., remind us!  and sorry!!!