1000 Things (working title) 

a new evening-length piece

With seven brilliant international dancers, Palindrome is currently rehearsing a new evening-length work. It brings together many of the elements and ideas we have been experimenting with over the past 8 years (since the MC took over our focus).  It will include a set of 'particle solos', with interactive music by Andreas Bergsland. This compositional method has been used by Palindrome in many performances around Europe. Also, '1000 Gestures' which had its premiere last year in Berlin.

But there are new parts as well, including 1000 Steps and 1000 Things -- which combine with 1000 Gestures to make a trilogy.

Together, these elements form an examination of human behavior at an elemental level. That is, the piece is not so much concerned with the meaning of our actions, but rather their morphology. As if seen by aliens visiting earth for the first time, it is a view of behavior without context. This piece asks the question: what is it that humans actually do? On the surface, it looks insensible -- the sounds they make, their constant gesticulation -- but of course there are codes hidden behind those actions -- layers and layers of data. It is the stuff that machine learning is based on, and that big data seeks to de-construct and exploit. These analytical techniques function by collecting large data sets -- numbering not in the small groups we are used to, but in the thousands. Seen from this perspective, human behavior is both beguiling, and a monumental enigma.

This dance is ambitious -- just try remembering 1000 of anything!  The trick is to start slowly and methodically.  In fact, we begin with nothing at all. Silence... and the sound of a single bird...




Each time the dancer blinks her eyes, we hear the sound of a bird somewhere in the theater.  Another dancer joins in, and then another. This is how the piece begins, like the new day awakening in a forest. We do this using motion tracking technology, specially adapted to track the micro gestures of the dancers.

Stay tuned for information about showings and performances!









1000 Gestures 

Tanzparty #12 – September 3.2018, 20:00
Uferstudios, Studio 11,  Berlin

A gesture to say, to satiate, to curse, to embellish, to laugh...
Exaggerated gesture, eccentric, symbolic, emblematic, political, offensive, inappropriate, innocent, loving and kind. A nice gesture...

Who knows how many gestures there are in the human vocabulary? How many do we use in a day?

3 dancers take us on a journey of 15 minutes, during which they perform 1000 fast-moving gestures, punctuated by a live and playful double bass.

Emotions and meanings become organic actions, both strange and familiar.

Dancers: Robert Wechsler (Choreography), Annika Dörr and Vanessa Cokaric
Music by Adam Pultz Melbye

Free admission.








The Interview (2018) 

On 22-24 June, in Berlin.  48stunden Neukölln


The Interview begins by sitting in a chair, a few feet from the Interviewer. But this is no ordinary interview...

The Interviewer guides a nonverbal conversation. Gestures and sensations are tracked with cameras and sensors and transformed into light and sound. Body language echoes off the walls of the room. The Interviewer questions silently the intimacy of the visitor: who are you? who are we? what is real?
Meanwhile a storefront window exposes the private exchange to viewers standing outside.

In the age of ubiquitous computing a question arises: how far are we willing to push the boundaries of our private space to feed the needs of the Big Data?

Duration : 3 minutes per visitor

We will be in Polymedialer Ponyhof - Kienitzer strasse 11- at:

Fr 19:00 bis 22:00
Sa 15:00 bis 19:00
So 15:00 bis 19:00

Programm - Deutsch

Concept and realization: Delphine Lavau (Interviewer) and Robert Wechsler (Profiler)
Sound design: Marcello Lussana
Producers: and

Special thanks to Vanessa Cokaric, Ekmel Ertan, Kay Kastner, Frieder Weiss, Clemens Wegener and Marc Sauter.