"Das Oklo Phänomen"

creation date

2008-2009 (work-in-progress)


60 min.

Concept / description

The Oklo Phenomenon is a piece about what you need to do to change your life.
Sometimes it takes a catastrophe. Sometimes it only takes a cello.

It has ten dancers, three musicians (including a renowned experimental cellist),
various interactive (motion tracking) effects and... uranium.

"The sense that nothing will change unless we are shaken to our roots - like after
a major catastrophe, a bomb, an earthquake, whatever. Survivors know what
Im talking about. You know what they say, "if it doesnt kill you, it makes you
stronger. well, Bull shit."

"A funny piece about serious catastrophes".

Press on Oklo.


Performance History

"Oklo" brings together a number of proto-oklo projects and sketches:

December 2006, first draft choroegraphic material (no technology), Fertigungshalle, Nürnberg.
September 30, 2007; Coda (the fifth element). performed in Fertigungshalle
November 18, 2007; Coda (fhe fifth element).  Hörzu Festival, Bremen
January 25-27, Brotfabrik Bonn; film production, Mysterious Skin" solo
April 3, 2008; SEAMUS, Salt Lake City, Performance, "Mysterious Skin" solo from The Oklo Phenomenon
April 14,15,18, 2008; Tanzen08 Festival Nürnberg, Performnaces in K4 Nürnberg, "The Pattern Dance"
September 23, 2008; showing of interactive cello
sections of Oklo, The Construction Company, New York City

Premiere: 7,8 November 2008, AMBER'08 body-process arts festival, Istanbul

Oklo is co-produced by BISD, Body Process Arts Association.

      Technology   EyeCon motion tracking, MAX(msp) sound design, custom DMX light control software

Robert Wechsler -- director, dancer
Delphine Lavau -- production manager
Dan Hosken -- composer/musician
Madeleine Shapiro -- composer/musician (cellist)
Thomas Ploentzke -- graphics/interactive engineering

Allie Keppel
Jennie Gerdes
Lisa Stockinger
Jonathan Buckles
Serhat Kural
Yesim Coskun
Esra Yurttut
Ecem Alfan
Munibe Millet