piano eyes

These are my First tests.





Eyes are not very rythmic , (I tried quite a few times to keep a beat.   its hard!).

but they are, of course, very fast.   This makes an interesting musical challenge.  And raises some questions.... 



If you look carefully at the opening and closing, you will notice that I used a bi-polar mapping -- that is, an A sound and B sound. alternating.  interestingly it does not seem to matter if the sound for "open" and "closed" shift around.   In other words, I am not really tracking "open and closed", but rather, "changed and changed". and in practice, the camera sometimes misses one.  

we dont even notice that there _are_ 2 sounds if it is not pointed out -- and yet we feel it.  these kind of things interest me very much, because it relates to our instinctive synaesthesia - or the way our senses influence one another.