"1000 Things"

is a collection of everyday human artifacts: 1000 steps, 1000 gestures, 1000 breaths, 1000 touches.

These are among the simplest, most ordinary and inevitable aspects of life.

The piece is a study in human behavior, not for our intentions or desires, but rather for the acts themselves. The choreography reflects on the concept of data accumulation, using the random number of 1000.

Seven highly-trained dancers re-create the patterns we know from everyday life, together they form patterns that tessellate over time. 1000 Things sees human bodies as devices, driven by need and unencumbered by cultural context.

Premiere 2020.  Excerpts 2018-19.   


Next Showing:  July 19.2019, 20:15 @  LakeStudios, Berlin.

In this showing, we present a 15-minute excerpt. We will be glad if you come over and watch us!  




Choreography: Robert Wechsler

Assistant Choreographer: Delphine Lavau

Stage Design: Ekmel Ertan

Interactive Technology: Frieder Weiss (in the section "1000 Touches", not part of July 2019 showing)

Dancers: Vanessa Cokaric, Aika Tadeshi, Tayler Drury, Camille Jackson, Hannah Levine, Po-Nien Wang, Sarah Stanley, Taka Tadeshi and Tiziano Portas.

We are:  Palindrome Dance Company.    Founded in New York City in 1982, Palindrome moved to Germany in 1991, first Nürnberg, then Weimar and finally Berlin, where they remain busy with choreographic matters. Its founder and artistic director Robert Wechsler applies his fascination for science and technology to the art of dance. Palindrome is a pioneer in the use of computers and interactive technology with dance, creating dance pieces and operas which earned critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. They won first prize at the Berlin Transmediale ("Best Interactive Art"), first prize at CynetArt Dresden and, most recently, a special recognition award from the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University. Since 2012, they have focused on developing inclusive musical expression devices for persons of all abilities, under the banner MotionComposer.   Meanwhile, the dance company has recently re-formed a new group in Berlin, where they are working on a full-evening dancework with the title "1000Things".    Contact:  1000Things /at/ palindrome.de.















1000 Things