"1000 Things"

- a ballet with audience participation in six acts

Imagine you are from another planet, visiting earth for the first time. You would see people everywhere, busy with... what exactly? The reasons for their actions would make little sense to you. This piece is a study in human behavior, not in terms of intentions or desires, but rather for the acts themselves -- walking, gesturing, touching, talking. Seen as data, as a collection of artifacts, our activities assume a new meaning.

There are six parts: 1000 calls, 1000 steps, 1000 gestures, 1000 touches, 1000 breaths, 1000 things. They are among the simplest, most ordinary and ineluctable aspects of life. In a sense, they are what unites us.

One thousand is not a magic number. It is big enough to talk about accumulation and multiplicity, yet small enough that, with a fair amount of practice, it can be mastered. We do thousands of things every day. Now imagine if we all did the same thousand things. This is our dance. The dancers do what the titles say, in perfect unison. So in ‘1000gestures’, for example, they do exactly 1000 different gestures in 12 minutes. This comes out to 0.72 seconds per gesture, so, yes, there is some practice invovled.

As is Palindrome's tradition, the piece uses interactive technology. In '1000touches', for example, the dancers wear special bracelets so when they touch, the physical contact between them is audible to the audience. Each dancer’s body transmits on a different radio frequency, so when they touch, each becomes a different musical instrument.

Excerpts can be seen 2018-19.  Premiere in 2020.


One-minute demo video:


Choreography: Robert Wechsler

Music: Andreas Bergsland

Assistant Choreographer: Delphine Lavau

Stage Design: Ekmel Ertan

Interactive Technology: Frieder Weiss

Dancers (subject to change) : Vanessa Cokaric, Taylor Drury, Dario Gaglia, Camille Jackson, Hannah Levine, Sarah Stanley, Tiziano Portas, Aika Tsuchida, Takayoshi Tsuchida, Po-Nien Wang

We are:  Palindrome Dance Company

Founded in New York City in 1982, Palindrome moved to Germany in 1991, first Nürnberg, and then Weimar and Berlin, where they remain busy with choreographic matters. Its founder and artistic director Robert Wechsler applies his fascination for science and technology to the art of dance. As the computer age dawned in the 1990's, Palindrome became a pioneer in the use of interactive technology, creating dance pieces and operas which earned critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Palindrome won first prize at the Berlin Transmediale, first prize at CynetArt Dresden and, most recently, a special recognition award from the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University. In 2012, they started work on an inclusive musical expression device for persons of all abilities: the MotionComposer, which goes on sale in the fall of 2019. Meanwhile, the dance company has formed a new group in Berlin and are working on a new full-evening dancework with the title "1000Things".


Two-minute demo video:





Contact:  palindrome /at/ palindrome.de.